What we do

We want to help build a society without communication barriers
by providing guidance, support and training on Assistive Technology (AT).


◁EWe provide consultation services to

- individuals with special needs, family members and other interested parties via phone calls,
faxes, emails as well as face-to-face meetings.

- municipal staff involved in AT.

- supporters and volunteers, either at their facilities or through experiential tryouts at our center.

◁EWe upkeep assistive devices displayed in our center and assist with hands-on trials.

◁EWe collect and disseminate information on resources and support available.

◁EWe maintain and update Tokyo ITC website.


◁EWe conduct workshops for municipal staff relating to AT support.

AT consultation services


Display of assistive equipment in our exhibition room.

Visitors are free to explore the equipment, softwares and
information available.

Experiencing with our equipment and softwares

Short experiential lessons, such as Supporter's Cafe, on
usage of adaptive devices and softwares on display are
conducted by our AT specialists, according to individual

For those who are unable to come to our center,
home visits may be arranged. Please contact us for details.

Notice board showcasing works of our students


Educational training for AT supporters

We host educational training and workshops for municipal officials and staff relating to AT support.

Details of the workshops are currently being updated.

Other services

We also provide information on

-personal computers and mobile devices

-seminars for individuals with disabilities living in Tokyo

-advocacy groups and associations in Tokyo supporting AT

-other IT-related matters